5 Reasons Pittsburgh Businesses are Embracing Hybrid IT Departments

The role of data has changed. Businesses across the world are continuing to see an increase in the vast amounts of data they produce. Five reasons why Pittsburgh businesses adopt a hybrid IT department are as follows.

1. Employee Turnover
Most businesses find that the turnover in IT departments is higher than in other departments in the company. More often than not, the root of the problem is that IT staff members are finding their work repetitive or unrewarding. By embracing the Hybrid, you will have JENLOR as your
loyal IT Department.

2. Reduces Administrative Burdens
When you go with a Hybrid IT department, this frees up your IT staff for other projects. Rather than spending their time on patching and hardware refreshes, they can pursue the organization’s IT strategic goals.

3. Your company with be up-to-date on Technology
Technology is forever changing! Usually, IT department workers don’t have the privilege of being able to devote themselves to keeping up with new information. Instead, they are faced with ‘putting out fires’. By hybridizing your IT team, there’s a natural flow of information between
groups. Keep your company and IT department up-to-date!

4. You’ll save money
When you switch to a hybrid IT department you will save money! Who doesn’t love saving money? Rather than hiring additional IT personnel with highly specialized knowledge, a company using a hybrid IT model can contract with JENLOR.

5. You’ll have another set of eyes
Your IT department has one way of looking at something. When you hire JENLOR as a hybrid IT department, we will come in with fresh eyes. We will be able to look at what you are currently doing and offer ways to improve and grow your business.

Thinking of going hybrid with your company? Contact JENLOR today to get started!